Master Your Lead Gen In 10 Days (Or Less!) So You Can Stand Out & Scale Without Sleazy Sales Tactics

.... this is a practical and easily repeatable 10-DAY PLAYBOOK that will elevate your lead generation system and prepare you to scale your service-based business

Most service providers out there understand that lead generation is crucial for the growth of their business - but there's a huge problem. 

Actually... There are three BIG problems...


They are willing to do what it takes to get clients but they are missing the key money generating strategies that are crucial for the survival of any business.


Once they find an opportunity that they know they are the perfect fit for, they struggle with standing out in a sea of 100s of other service providers also gunning for the opportunity.


And if they manage to somehow survive the frenzy & get in front of the potential client, they lack the skills to captivate them in 60 seconds or less - which is the only time you have to get your point across!
Because they can't find consistent work online they are constantly in a reactive state. They keep themselves busy doing all sorts of marketing strategies that are supposed to "work"yet leave them in the same state as they were when they started.

Drowning in a puddle of panic and a gallon of ice cream (that they're scared they can't afford more of) after the last sales call which ended in crickets and no cash.
So they spend sleepless nights trying to find that miracle cure to booking more clients and growing their business..

While taking jobs that drain their soul and not pricing their worth.

Well, You and I are about to put an end to all of this, right here and now -
without wasting any more time or sleepless nights trying to figure out how to run like an actual business.

I want to give you the keys to a new way of doing business. 
In excellence. Without sacrificing your authenticity. And to attain the building blocks to prosperity.

Here's the exciting news!

 There's an easy and practical way to land more clients than ever with REASONABLE assurance that you will sell out your services.
 There IS a way to master this process in 10 days or less (because your business needs a cash injection not another long winded course).
 There IS a repeatable and easy process to scale your business that you can rely on (this thing is algorithm-proof and doesn't rely on one platform to do its job. Oh and it also doesn't rely on silly, generic calendars and making you go live every day, or post every day just for Sh*ts and Giggles).
I'm offering you instant access to my 10 DAYS TO FREEDOM BLUEPRINT and strategy worth $1957

For only $27!
All it takes is 30-60 minutes per day, for 10 days or less to do this effectively. That's it. 
 This is a no-brainer process that can be used over and over again. And I want to show you exactly how to put this to work for your business.
Imagine the thrill of booking clients in your calendar every week... How would that change your business? 

What will you do when you get that email notification that your invoice was paid in full? And what if you were confident that more of those notifications were coming?

How would life feel if you could finally call the shots in your life - living life at your own pace... sitting down to your desk only AFTER you've
 enjoyed breakfast with your loved ones. 

Imagine the feeling of being ready to start growing your own team, building a strong portfolio and opening a wait-list for your services.
How would your online business be different if you could:
  • CONFIDENTLY sell to complete strangers.
  • ​Know EXACTLY what to say and how to say it to get your next potential client begging for the next steps to work with you.
  • EASILY find a new client when an unexpected bill comes your way - without any mad hustle or long hours!
  • ​Stop comparing yourself to others and instead have complete focus on an easy to execute growth strategy.
  •  No more posting on social media when you know that that ish is not working.
  •  Get to CELEBRATE your massive success by ditching your laptop and spend an afternoon getting your hair and nails done and some well-deserved ME TIME - because, Girl, You da Boss!
  • ​You may have been struggling with your income, client consistency in your business or executing the wrong marketing strategies to grow your business… until now.
You feel concerned that you don't have the right skills under your belt to build the kind of life you secretly dream of. 

Or maybe you've been chasing after those clients but you are not getting them for some reason and you don't know why.

You are on the verge of giving up on this vision because nothing has worked until now.

Your "expert-next-door" has been giving you solutions but none of them work.

You don’t have time OR money to waste on things that aren’t working, like your branding, your fancy website, monthly tools, social media and more.

Most successful service-based business owners really don't have the time to sit down and distill what they've done to create a sustainable and profitable business. Until now... 
It's time for you to be let in on their little secret.
Unlike other programs you may have seen, the 10 DAYS TO FREEDOM BLUEPRINT spells out step-by-step - everything you need to do on a daily basis to land more clients in less time. 
We cut the BS out and build out your foundations so that you can have a profitable business FIRST. 

This is not about marketing, this is not about a pretty Instagram feed, or taking a brand photo shoot.

 This is raw, uncut, and REAL BUSINESS EXECUTION
  • A clear vision of exactly how to reach your ideal clients
  • ​Ways to build your offers and services from scratch, even if you’re new to running a business online
  • ​Tools that empower you so you can STOP looking so weird on Social Media - Girl, stop liking your own posts, please.
  • ​Clear steps you can take to literally rinse and repeat every time you need more beautiful, well paying clients!
What's Included in...
SCREW THE COURSE YOU WERE ABOUT TO PURCHASE. How about getting a group of tools you only grab WHEN you need them instead? 
  • Tool #1: Service Provider Essentials: Everything you need to build your business on the right foot. How to extract and properly highlight your talents and skills, How to Price Yourself Without Selling Yourself Short, and How To Avoid Business Burnout. 
  • Tool #2: Unique Marketing Hacks Exclusively for Service Providers: Don't be fooled by all the different marketing tactics out there that gurus promise will work for you. The truth is marketing is very different for service providers. That's why that daily posting ain't working, girl! Let me show you what's worked for me and dozens of other successful service providers. 
Ever hired a trainer to kick your butt into gear? Well the POWER HOUR is exactly that but for your business. A 10-Day program that will whip mindset into shape and then give you clear tasks that will level-up your business and life in 10 days or less.
  • One of the most common objections I hear when talking to service providers. This program will cure the guessing game when it comes to getting clients, once and for all through a 10-day, self-paced program that will take up only 3-60 minutes of your day. 
The GIG directory has over 80 places you can find your next project and maybe even long term client. These are the exact same places we use when we need to find more work! We're adding places to this directory every month.
The Perfect Pitch Swipe Files are written by my top copywriter to ensure that they convert when you need them to! These are the same templates we use in our marketing firm. All you need to do is plug and play! 
BONUS #4: 
We wanted to make sure that you were fully prepared to go and hunt for your next client. So we got an expert designer to build out beautiful portfolios you can easily customize to your liking.
Once a potential client is ready to know more about you, you are more than likely going to need to have a discovery call. This is the moment you will close your deal. We give you everything you need to know to rock out your discovery call. 
  • Discovery Call 101 : What's a discovery call and why this is the most important call with your potential client. 
  • ​Best Practices for How to Close a Discovery Call
  • Tech Tools to filter out the non-paying potential clients and the dream clients!
  • ​The best Discovery Form Template 
  • ​How to Follow Up After a Discovery Call 
  • ​What do you do if they say no... 
    Why Should You Trust Me?
    • I don't just teach this stuff; I actually do it. I use this EXACT system for myself! 
    •  I am not  a coach. I am a practitioner and service based business owner and mom of a toddler AKA I don't play games.
    •  I've helped businesses make LOTS of money. I've worked with clients in dozens of different markets, from life coaching to travel agents. I've helped hundreds of serviced-based business owners market and scale their businesses.  
    • I've worked hard to get here. And I am on a mission to provide you with the tools and strategies you need to avoid the headache, the heartache, the sleepless nights, and the frustration. I am also not a big fan of the woo-woo stuff. I will tell you how it is and I will stand by you as you go through this program. 
    HI! My name is Emely.
    I’m the CEO of a multiple six-figure business consultancy. And I am on the pursuit of Slow Living. I am designing a business and life that serves me and my family. 

    I used to make $35k Annually As A Business Analyst...


    Now, I make that in a month with 1:1, Done-For-You services, I have a fantastic team of experts by my side and I can log out and take afternoon strolls with my one year old daughter, get my hair done on a Monday and travel the world.

    Last November, my husband, my daughter and I took a trip to Costa Rica. I rented an ocean-view condo for an entire month and was still making bank.

    And I was able to retire my mother from her housekeeping job.

    I grew this business while pregnant and with two aneurysms (no pity party please!).

    I am sharing all of this because I want you to know that.....
    You too can grow your business no matter what's going on right now.
    Passionate about your business and ready operate with ease and soul.
    Done making excuses to your family about when your business is going to really “take off”.
    If you've been wondering what you're missing.
    Ready for it to be easier.
    Willing to go all in.
    Deep down you don’t believe you’re cut out for this business.
    You are skeptical that no one will pay for your services.
    You’re not an action-taker.
    You are not willing to show up AND deliver with excellence.
    You don't think winning the trust of your clients is important.
    I’m a small business owner just like you. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in a digital product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that should have been a blog post.

    I’m extremely proud of the products I create and I know anyone who buys them and implements the strategy will be thrilled with their purchase.

    Because the nature of this product provides instant access to download the complete product I do not offer refunds. That being said I am always open to a conversation and willing to consider if there are extenuating circumstances, I am human after all :)
    Lock in this great price while you still can. It won’t last for long!
    What’s standing in the way of you finally getting new clients and defining your destiny in 10 days or less? 

    10 days is all you need to have a complete paradigm shift in the way you see cash flow. What if you could unveil a new way of life for you and your loved ones? How powerful will it be feel like a huntress, a breadwinner, a provider of your small pride?


    This system will open the doors to freedom in all areas of your life. 

    Do not hold yourself back by believing you can’t figure this out or don’t have what it takes to nurture your business into a beautiful, thriving machine that supports your lifestyle. 

    Take advantage of this opportunity to show up for yourself, your business AND your loved ones.

    Will you step forward and make things happen? Or will you continue to sit on the sidelines while other people grow their businesses?
    When you click the "Yes, I want this!" button below, you’ll be brought to a checkout page where you can enter in your payment information directly.

    This is a special offer and will be going up in price soon. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.
    What if I can't commit to 10 days?
    You don't have to commit to then days in a row. In fact, this program is designed so that it works around your lifestyle and other priorities. Girl, I am a mom and I am -not- an Instagram mom, okay? I'm a >tired< mom. Plus, I run a team of 6 and have 6-10 clients at a time. I am busy and I have to juggle so much! But guess what? This is the exact program I use in my own business. The Power Hours uncover a powerful secret to success that I found out from working side by side with million-dollar business owners. There's a pattern to success and I think you, my friend, deserve a shortcut to attain everything you want and more. And that's why we are here! 
    How do I actually make sure I do this?
    This program is based on the foundations of accountability and empowerment. It is designed to work with you and push you to your next level. It's like having a business coach in the back of your pocket without the huge financial or time investment. Now if only gaining those abs only took us 10 DAYS to get. immaright? 
    What if I just can't do it on my own?
    Yes, you can! But in case you need a little more push you can always access the my tribe for support and hit me up too via email. 
    When do I get access to the files and membership area?
    You will receive an email immediately after your purchase, giving you the link to access your membership portal with all of the files and videos.
    What if I need help from a professional?
    You're in luck! I specialize in strategy, coaching, consulting and have an awesome agency team to get things done FOR you. I'm easily reached via email at
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